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03. Program & calendar (english)  

International Festival

Time in Jazz

XXVII edition:


Berchidda (Prov. Olbia-Tempio - Italy)

Bortigiadas, Budoni, Calangianus, Chiaramonti,
Ittireddu, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Mores,
Ozieri, Pattada, Posada, Sant'Antonio di Gallura,
Telti, Tempio Pausania and Tula

9 > 16 August 2014

under the artistic direction of Paolo Fresu

Press release


27th Time in Jazz festival:
"Feet" at the festival directed by Paolo Fresu,
to be held on 9-16 August 2014
in Berchidda and other locations of North Sardinia.
Among the artists, Dave Holland, Mulatu Astatke, Omar Sosa,
Fabrizio Bosso, Brass Bang!, Elina Duni.


"It is true, once he stands up, a man cannot stay still". By quoting French philosopher, author of "A Philosophy of Walking", Frédéric Gros, founder and artistic director Paolo Fresu announced the theme of the twenty-seventh edition of the Time in Jazz festival.

This year's edition of the midsummer festival will be inspired by "Feet". The event will be held in Sardinia, between 9 and August 16 in Berchidda, the trumpeter's hometown, hosting also a great number of events in several locations scattered around the north of the Islands: Bortigiadas, Budoni, Calangianus, Chiaramonti, Ittireddu, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Mores, Ozieri, Pattada, Posada, Sant'Antonio di Gallura, Telti, Tempio Pausania and Tula. Fifteen stops for a week-long music&arts journey, hosting events from early morning to the dead of night, across a great variety of locations, including amazing seaside views and country churches, town squares and sites of major interest, offered by all the partner Municipalities, Berchidda being the main hub of the network.

The set of locations includes extraordinary landscapes, natural and cultural assets of unprecedented beauty; it will host an eagerly anticipated group of artists, including some of the main musicians of the Italian and world jazz scene: Fabrizio Bosso, Julian Mazzariello, Gianluca Petrella, Nico Gori, Alessandro Lanzoni, Rosario Bonaccorso, Stefano "Cocco" Cantini, Marco Tamburini, Leonardo Sapere, Ezio Bosso, Luca Aquino, Carmine Ioanna, Banda Musicale "Bernardo De Muro'', BargaJazz Ensemble, Monica Demuru, Mulatu Astatke, Elina Duni, Steven Bernstein, Marcus Rojas, Omar Sosa, Gustavo Ovalles, Andy Emler, Laurent Dehors, A Cumpagnia vocal group, Dave Holland, Kevin Eubanks, Eric Harland, Peppe Servillo, Javier Girotto, Natalio Mangalavite, Stefano D'Anna, Fanfara Tirana, Transglobal Underground, who will be playing together with Paolo Fresu; not to mention writer Erri De Luca, Alessio Bertallot and his music selections, Luigi Lai and the sounds of his launeddas, Margarita Klurfan's and Walter Cardozo's tango steps, Sardinian traditional dancers and Tamango's and Urban Tap's fusion and multimedia tip-tap dance; dance intertwines with other "feet-inspired" elements: rhythm, the soil, the journey, cultural footprints. Elements and ideas which shall be hosted by the events staged in the heart of Berchidda, at Centro Laber, as part of the Time in Jazz P.A.V. visual arts project, curated led by Giannella Demuro and Antonello Fresu, and the film and documentary section curated by Gianfranco Cabiddu.

Music, art, cinema, and much more: this year's festival will host again the several initiatives of the Green Jazz section, dedicated to the awareness-raising campaign on environmental issues that Time in Jazz has been supporting for years.

After the Berchidda stage, the spotlight will move to Time in Sassari, the two-day extension of the festival that will be held on August 17th and 18th in Cheremule and Osilo. Starring, Stefano D'Anna and his group, Javier Girotto with the Fabrizio Bosso's sextet ; Gianluca Petrella and the Steven Bernstein duo, and the "Girotto - Peppe Servillo - Natalio Mangalavite" trio, in addition to the "Futbol" musical stories.

Time in Jazz and Time in Sassari are organized by Associazione culturale Time in Jazz with the support of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Assessorato della Pubblica Istruzione, Beni Culturali, Informazione, Spettacolo e Sport, Assessorato del Turismo and Assessorato della difesa dell'Ambiente), Fondazione Banco di Sardegna, the Municipality of Berchidda, the Municipality of Sassari, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and Tourism (Direzione Generale per lo Spettacolo dal vivo), the European Union, Banca di Sassari, the Mountain Communities of Monte Acuto, Bortigiadas, Budoni, Calangianus, Cheremule,Chiaramonti, Ittireddu, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Mores, Osilo, Ozieri, Pattada, Posada, Sant'Antonio di Gallura, Telti, Tempio Pausania and Tula, with the contribution of Ente Foreste della Sardegna, Banco di Sardegna, Sardinia Ferries, Geasar, Ente Musicale di Nuoro, I-jazz.

  • Opening day: August 9th

The twenty-seventh edition of the Time in Jazz festival will start on Saturday, August 9th with three different events inspired by the sea. The first will be staged in the morning at the old Torre di San Giovanni, on the coast of Posada , the picturesque Baronia village on the east coast: at 11:00, trumpet player Fabrizio Bosso and pianist Julian Mazzariello will introduce their "Shuffle" project, an exciting journey into a repertoire of different genres and styles, from traditional jazz to Brazilian jazz and classical songwriting.

Another sea will welcome the festival audience in the late afternoon, at 18:00, at Pineta di Sant'Anna near Budoni, a coast town about thirty kilometres far from Olbia, where "Tango sottile" will be staged. This experimental performance has been created especially for Time in Jazz by Italian Argentine cellist Leonardo Sapere and dancers Margarita Klurfan and Walter Cardozo , three artists who combine the attention and study of traditional tango with a steady research for musical and choreographic research.

The sea is the background also of the third event of the festival opening day: at 15:30 Sardinia Ferries ferry will depart from Livorno to the Sardinian port of Golfo Aranci (arrival at 21:00) and will host an on-board "naval concert", an original Time in Jazz production, a collaboration with the ship company that has been going on for nine years in a row. The audience participating in the trip will enjoy the presence of writer Erri De Luca, an unprecedented experiment that will have the writer telling about the Mediterranean and emigration, and Ezio Bosso, one of the most popular Italian musicians and composers of our generation (born in Turin in 1971), playing his "neo" or "post" minimalist music.

After his morning performance with Julian Mazzariello, Fabrizio Bosso will be back on stage in the evening (at 21.30) in Pattada, on the square of the Church of San Giovanni, with his Spiritual Trio, accompanied by pianist and organist Alberto Marsico and drummer Alessandro Minetto: a trio devoted to black music, and in particular to the Gospels and the Spirituals. Following the thread of tradition, Bosso's trumpet will raise its poignant sound, jumping through the trio's first album tracks, "Spiritual" (2011), and the recently published "Purple", released at the end of last November .

The second day - Sunday August 10th - will start at 11:00 at the country church of Santa Lucia, near Mores with another original rendez-vous: after the sea trip of the previous day, Erri De Luca and Ezio Bosso will be joined by Paolo Fresu.

From the centre of the Meilogu region back to the east coast, at the pond in Porto Taverna, in the Loiri area, to enjoy the voice of Elina Duni at 18:00, rising star of the European jazz scene. Together with her quartet companions (Colin Vallon - piano; Patrice Moret - double bass; and Norbert Pfammatter - drums) the Swiss-based singer will offer her original jazz interpretation of the traditional songs of her homeland, Albania, already recorded in her "Malit Matanë" album, released by ECM.

In the evening (21.30), at the Volcano of Ittireddu, Ezio Bosso will complete his series of TJ performances with another original production, inspired by the theme of movement; this time, he will lead a trio together with violinist Giacomo Agazzini and Serbian cellist Relja Lukic.


The ruins of the Doria Castle of Chiaramonti will be hosting the opening concert of the third day, Monday 11th at 11:00, with the clarinet and piano duo of Florence-born Nico Gori and Alessandro Lanzoni (Best New Talent of the Year at the last "Top Jazz" competition organized by the Musica Jazz magazine).


The afternoon concert will be held in Calangianus. After enjoying his duo with Fabrizio Bosso, Italian-English piano talent Julian Mazzariello will offer a solo to the audience of the Time in Jazz festival, at 18:00 at the former Convent of the town.

In the evening, the Festival line-up will reach Berchidda for a double concert at Centro Laber (the former disused cheese factory converted into a cultural hub), as part of "Sonata di Mare": a cross-border project funded by the 2007-2013 European Operational Programme "Italy – Maritime France", focusing on the creation of a cross-border network of festivals and events including Tuscany, Corsica, Sardinia and Liguria, and artistic productions for the enhancement of traditional and contemporary music, and the creation of innovative musical forms.

The evening will be opening at 21.30, with "In mezzo c'č solo... il mare", an original production funded by the Province of Savona- PERCFEST, music, direction and arrangements by Rosario Bonaccorso. A concert made of musical canvas, music polychrome frames that unfold in an almost geographical sequence inspired by the theme of the trip, a theme that has always been very dear to the bass player-composer. He will be accompanied in this musical journey across Liguria, Sardinia, Corsica, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, by his "crewmen": trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic and a group of drummers led by Marco Fadda (Andrea Ruggeri from Sardinia, Jerome Casalonga (tbc) from Corsica, Nut Sezzi from Genoa and Gilson Silveira from Brazil.

The second project scheduled on stage at 23:30 will be signed by Stefano "Cocco" Cantini: the title is "7 modi" and it is a concert inspired by the Mediterranean culture and the ancient civilizations, based on original jazz interpretations. The musicians coming from Tuscany and the other areas involved in the "Sonata di Mare" project, will share the stage with the performing voices of Stefano "Cocco" Cantini (direction and sax), Antonello Salis (accordion and keyboards), Francesco Petreni (drums), Raffaele Toninelli (bass), Andrea Lagi (trumpet), Valentina Toni (vocals), Aldo Milani (sax and flute), Enrico Rustici (“ottavatore”) and Jerome Casalonga as a special guest (vocals); the performance and the dance will be coordinated by Cristina Riparbelli, with the support of Simona Rafanelli.


"Sonata di Mare" also includes the first concert that will be held on Tuesday 12th: at 11:00, the Bortigiadas Church of the Holy Trinity (Chiesa della Santissima Trinitŕ), will host "Voce di vento", a concert by BargaJazz Ensemble and trumpeter Marco Tamburini (Nico Gori on alto saxophone and clarinet, Rossano Emili on baritone saxophone, Alessandro Rizzardi on tenor sax, Roberto Rossi on trombone, Andrea Guzzoletti on trumpet, Stefano Onorati on piano, Paolo Ghetti on double bass and Stefano Paolini on drums) and the A Cumpagnia group, engaged in a reinterpretation of jazz melodies and the polyphonic tradition of Corsica.

In the afternoon, the festival will move to Sant'Antonio di Gallura (Lu Naracu, 18:00) where a great star of the contemporary jazz scene will offer a piano solo, Omar Sosa, back again after two years since the last performance at the Time in Jazz festival. Born in 1965 in Camagüey, the Cuban musician is a talented eclectic and versatile pianist, composer, arranger and leader of several bands. Omar Sosa weaves a music fabric made of jazz, world music, contemporary sounds, electronic effects, Afro-Cuban roots, shaping a fresh and original music with a Latin heart.

In the evening, at 21.30, Berchidda will turn the lights up for the first time on the main stage of the festival, Piazza del Popolo, to host African music cult artist, Mulatu Astatke. Composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist (vibraphone, piano and percussions), Astatke is regarded as the father of Ethio-Jazz, the movement originated in the Sixties that blends together jazz, traditional Ethiopian music and Latin American influences. At the Time in Jazz festival, he will lead a band including James Arben on saxophones and bass clarinet, Byron Wallen on trumpet, Danny Keane on cello, Alex Hawkins on piano and keyboards, John Edwards on bass, Tom Skinner on drums and Richard Olatunde Baker on percussions.

At the end of the concert, the music will continue at Centro Laber with Seven Steps, a group consisting of the winners of the boot camp selection organized during the last edition of the Nuoro Jazz Seminars. Afterwards, a DJ Alessio Bertallot will open the series of after-concert parties held at the Jazz Club of Centro Laber, which will host the groups selected during the IV edition of the "Time Out" competition at around one o'clock, during the following nights.

On Wednesday 13th, the festival will start at 11:00 at the Church of Santa Vittoria in Telti with the concert of Three Lower Colours, a trio consisting of trumpeter Marco Tamburini, Stefano Onorati (on piano, synths and live electronics), and drummer Stefano Paolini.



Benevento-born trumpeter Luca Aquino, accompanied by accordionist Carmine Ioanna, will perform in the afternoon (18 hours) at the Church of San Pietro of Tempio Pausania together with the aQstico group, a project named after his fifth album, released in 2011 by Tűk Music.


The evening in Berchidda will be rejoicing of music during the double show scheduled at Piazza del Popolo. Brass Bang! will open the evening at 21:30, with an explosives brass ensemble that will bring together four stars of contemporary jazz, two trumpeters, Paolo Fresu, one of the leaders of the Italian music scene, and Steven Bernstein, one of the most productive artists of the New York downtown scene;

Bari-born trombonist Gianluca Petrella, regarded as one of the greatest specialists of the telescoping slide instrument, and NY-born Marcus Rojas , according to manythe best tuba player in the world.

The second part of the evening will stage a live collaboration starring Omar Sosa, Urban Tap, the New York dance company founded in the 1990s by tap-dancer Tamango, who shares the artistic direction with Jean de Boysson aka VJ Naj. The performances by Urban Tap are a synthesis of cultures and different art languages: ancestral traditions and new technologies, animism and metropolitan trends, jazz music and amazing rhythms, tap dance and hip-hop, multimedia set design, veejaying. A blend that Tamango, Jean "Naj" de Boysson, Omar Sosa and percussionist Gustavo Ovalles will season with additional ingredients, being joined by great launeddas player Luigi Lai and the Sardinia traditional dances staged by Associazione folkloristica e culturale "San Gemiliano" di Sestu.

August 14th will be opened by "Musique hors Norms", a French duo consisting of organist Andy Emler and sax and clarinet player Laurent Dehors, 11:oo at the Cattedrale dell'Immacolata di Ozieri.

At 18:00, the Church of San Pietro of Tula will host the opening concert of the day, with eclectic Sardinian singer and actress Monica Demuru who will bring on stage, together with Argentinean pianist Natalio Mangalavite, "Podology", a research pathway winding through folk music, pop music, song writing, jazz and original creations.


On Thursday 14th, Piazza del Popolo will host a unique evening concert, among the most anticipated of all: modern jazz star Dave Holland will lead a trio. Having being performing for half a century, the English bassist and composer has had a rich and kaleidoscopic career since the very beginning, when he had the extraordinary opportunity to play with Miles Davis during the legendary time of "Bitches Brew". In 2013, Holland celebrated his first forty years as a leader ahead of his time. On the anniversary of his first album, "Conference of the birds," he recorded the "Prism" album, pulling together electric keyboard player Craig Taborn, guitarist Kevin Eubanks, his long-time collaborator, and drummer Eric Harland. They will be accompanying Dave Holland on the Berchidda stage.

Around midnight, the "Bernardo De Muro" local band will be playing at the Parco della Musica, directed by Luciano Demuru with two special guests: Paolo Fresu and Gianluca Petrella.

Following the Time in Jazz tradition, on mid-August holiday, Time in Jazz will move to the countryside around Berchidda. The first event will be held at the Church of Santa Caterina (11:00), where, after a lecture on the themes of the festival, the audience will once again be enjoying the explosive Brass Bang! quartet of Paolo Fresu, Steven Bernstein, Gianluca Petrella and Marcus Rojas, just like the previous day. After the concert, the audience will move to the nearby Church of San Michele where, as usually during the Day of the Assumption, local traditional dishes will be served during the Berchidda-style lunch.

In the afternoon (at 18:00), the Church of San Michele will host one of the most popular forms of Sardinian traditional music, canto a chitarra, a concert curated by Fabio Calzia, with Daniele Giallara and Gianmichele Lai, accompanied by Carlo Boeddu's accordion.

On the evening of the Day of the Assumption, two concerts will be held at Piazza del Popolo. The first will start at 21.30 (with entrance fee) and it will bring on stage the "Peppe Servillo (voice) Javier Girotto (saxophones) Natalio Mangalavite (piano)" trio, who will be playing "Futbol", a project inspired by the namesake book by Argentinian writer Osvaldo Soriano, and released as a CD five years ago: a series of stories on football that intersect with stories of life, love and game, stories of victories and defeats, joys and disappointments, fantasy and irony. A "double passport" music, Italian Servillo and Argentinian (though currently Italy-based) Girotto and Mangalavite will be playing music inspired by their roots, the cultural atmospheres of their different worlds intertwining in an evocative mix of sounds and words.

Another mixture of sounds that will spread on Piazza del Popolo, when the square is cleared of all the chairs and the gates are opened to the whole audience, Fanfare Tirana and Transglobal Underground will seize the stage and rage a crackling final party with the participation of Brass Bang!. Fanfare Tirana (during the three previous nights, at around 19:45, they will have paraded on the streets of the village) will enrich the party with the unmistakable sounds of the Balkans and its brasses, joining the ethnic sounds of Transglobal Underground, and creating an enthralling contamination of genres. The result of their collaboration has already been published on a British album, "Kabatronics", released last year.

  • More events

As usual, the rich music line-up will be accompanied by the exhibits of the P.A.V., the Time in Jazz Visual Arts Project, curated by Giannella Demuro and Antonello Fresu. The programme is still under development, but also this edition will include exhibitions and events hosted at Centro Laber, the former dairy factory of Berchidda redeveloped as a cultural centre. The film and documentary selection will be curated by director Gianfranco Cabiddu who will explore the theme of the festival through the ideas and reflections of movie makers.

The "Wine Book'' list of events will once again devote time and space to the presentations of new books during happy-hour sessions, hosted by a few bars of Berchidda: on August 13th, the K2 Bar will host the "Alberi erranti e naufraghi" presentation by Alberto Capitta (Edizioni Il Maestrale), while on August 14th, Bar Centrale will host "Rossoblů giorno per giorno. Protagonisti e comparse del Cagliari Calcio", a book by Boris Carta on the game of soccer (Edizioni Aipsa).

Another book focusing on music will be presented in the afternoon of August 16th at Museo del Vino, with the welcome return of Ashley Kahn: after last year's interesting presentation of his “A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album”, published in 2004 in Italian by Il Saggiatore, the American music journalist and historian will be back to Berchidda to present his "Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece (Italian version published by Il Saggiatore, 2003) dedicated to the namesake album by Miles Davis, one of the cornerstones of world jazz.

Environmental sustainability and the reduction of the impact of the festival on the territory have become of key importance to Time in Jazz, that has strengthened over the years its commitment to the environment through Green Jazz, an outreach project that gives voice to the issues of energy saving, the use of alternative energy resources, the differentiation of waste, the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Raising environmental awareness within the Time in Jazz festival was the core of a number of original projects, such as concerts in the Limbara woods and at country churches, which have brought people closer to the environmental and the issues connected to sustainability. Thanks to the support partners and local sponsors, the implementation of initiatives to protect the invaluable natural and cultural heritage of the Island has been possible.

Green Jazz will be implemented also this year through the installation of the local stall, video presentations, environmental-awareness raising actions. The initiatives include projects focusing on the reduction of the use of cars during the days of the festival, with a resulting decrease of CO2 emissions (Motori a strappo, a car-pooling project that helps the audience reach outdoor concert locations). The partnership with the Municipality of Berchidda devoted to waste reduction, recycling of glass, plastic and cardboard at the waste separation and recycling stalls (Isole ecologiche di Green Jazz), and to a more effective management of water resources (Acqua dalla rete), through the installation of public drinking fountains connected to the local water supply network, thus reducing the amount of plastic being thrown away. GJ also fosters the reduction of power consumption and the impact of the festival on the environment through the "Light for music" project, by using photovoltaic panels to supply power to outdoor concerts.

Also the promotion and enhancement of traditional "zero mile" food products is part of the Green Jazz project: within the "Sentieri di..." action, a number of initiatives will be implemented, including tastings, workshops, informative, cultural and educational activities for the audience of the Time in Jazz festival, who will come into contact with some of the most important products of local production. This year's theme will be wine, the result of crushing grapes with one's own feet. After the positive experience of last years' "Sentieri di... pane", focusing on bread, this year the collaboration will be started with local wineries, walking together the "paths of wine".

  • Masterclass

Mediterranea is a workshop/masterclass that Time in Jazz has developed as part of the two-year "Sonata di mare" project, that brings together in a single network the great festivals of the maritime and coastal areas of Corsica, Liguria, Sardinia and Tuscany, to enhance traditional and contemporary music and create new musical productions by cross-cultural and cross-border dialogue.

The Mediterranea educational path is divided into a series of meetings lasting two hours each, held during the International Time in Jazz Festival, and it is dedicated to the students of music schools and conservatories of Corsica, Liguria, Sardinia and Tuscany, older than 18 years of age. Each of the eight partners of "Sonata di mare" will have four grants which they may grant to students and/or musicians to attend the masterclass, which may also accommodate auditors from different backgrounds, the maximum number of which may not exceed one hundred people.

The project started in 2013 with a masterclass held by Paolo Fresu and Daniele di Bonaventura, and it will continue this year, focusing on double bass, saxophone, percussions and trumpet, on August 12th, at Centro Laber in Berchidda. The first class of the day will be held at 10.30, with bassist Rosario Bonaccorso's Nei piedi le radici, nella mente le ali masterclass; at 11.30, saxophonist Stefano Cocco Cantini will start the Una pedata alla tonalitŕ section. In the afternoon, two other events: at 16:00 "Ritmo dalla Testa ai Piedi: Workshop di Percussioni Afro Brasiliane" with Francesco Petreni, and at 17:30 the last section held by trumpeter Marco Tamburini : "Comporre improvvisando".

  • Time in Sassari

On August 17th and 18th, the festival will move from Berchidda to Sassari, with the Time in Sassari appendix of the festival: the eighth edition of the Time in Sassari section will include afternoon concerts in Cheremule and Osilo.

The city of Sassari will still be the heart of the event, with two evening concerts scheduled to be held at Piazza Tola.

The first event will be on Sunday 17th (21:00) with "Futbňl", the concert already staged on the evening of August 15th in Berchidda, that will bring together Italian talented singer Peppe Servillo, and Argentinian Javier Girotto (Sax) and Natalio Mangalavite (piano).

On the evening of Monday 18th (21:30), Piazza Tola will host "Latin Mood", a sextet including Javier Girotto's sax, along with Fabrizio Bosso's trumpet, Natalio Mangalavite's piano and keyboards, Luca Bulgarelli's electric bass, Lorenzo Tucci's drums and Marcozzi Bruno's percussion: a jazz interpretation of the exciting rhythms of tango, milonga, candombe and chacarera, with a taste of Latin Jazz.


The evening concerts will be anticipated by two concerts out of town. The first will be staged in the afternoon of August 17th (18:00) at the archaeological site of Museddu, in the territory of Cheremule , with talented Sicilian saxophonist Stefano D'Anna , who will be offering excerpts of "Soundscape", his latest album, released in 2013 by S'ard Music, inspired by modern jazz, that enjoys the collaboration of a quartet including Rome-born guitarist Enrico Bracco, bassist Nicola Muresu and drummer Gianrico Manca.

In the following afternoon (Monday 18th), Time in Sassari will host a concert at the Malaspina Castle in Osilo, where (at 18:00) the audience will enjoy a new Gianluca Petrella and Steven Bernstein duo.

  • Tickets and subscriptions

Festival tickets and subscriptions will be available as of April 15th. Visit Vivaticket or one of our partner ticket offices. Admission with fee for Piazza del Popolo evening concerts only. Free admission to all outdoor events. Parterre: full price € 23,00 - reduced price € 20,00. Box seats: full price € 18,00 - reduced price € 15,00.

For further information, you may contact our team by calling +39079704731 or email info@timeinjazz.it.

* * *

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International Festival

Time in Jazz

XXVII edition:


Berchidda (Prov. Olbia-Tempio - Italy)
Bortigiadas, Budoni, Calangianus, Chiaramonti,
Ittireddu, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Mores,
Ozieri, Pattada, Posada, Sant'Antonio di Gallura,
Telti, Tempio Pausania and Tula

9 > 16 August 2014

under the artistic direction of Paolo Fresu


  • Saturday, August 9th

Posada, Torre di San Giovanni - 11:00
Fabrizio Bosso & Julian Mazzariello > "Shuffle"

Golfo Aranci > Livorno ferry trip - departure 15.30 > arrival 21:00
Erri De Luca & Ezio Bosso > "Attraversamenti"
In collaboration with Sardinia Ferries
Original production by Time in Jazz International Festival

Budoni, Pineta di Sant'Anna - 18:00
"Tango sottile" > performance for cello solo and tango dancers
Leonardo Sapere, cello; Margarita Klurfan - Walter Cardozo, dancers

Pattada, Piazza della Chiesa di San Giovanni - 21:30
Fabrizio Bosso Spiritual Trio

  • Sunday, August 10th

Mores, Chiesa di Santa Lucia - 11:00
Erri De Luca, Ezio Bosso & Paolo Fresu
Original production by Time in Jazz International Festival

Loiri Porto San Paolo, Stagno di Porto Taverna - 18:00
Elina Duni Quartet

Ittireddu, Vulcano - 21:30
Ezio Bosso Project
Original production by Time in Jazz International Festival


  • Monday, August 11th

Chiaramonti, Castello dei Doria - 11:00
Nico Gori - Alessandro Lanzoni duo

Calangianus, ex-convento - 18:00
Julian Mazzariello piano solo

Berchidda, Centro Laber - 21:30
"Sonata di Mare" 2007-2013 European Operational Programme "Italy – Maritime France":

– 21:30
"In mezzo c'č solo... il mare", an original music, direction and arrangement by Rosario Bonaccorso

– 23:30
"7 modi"> a project by Stefano "Cocco" Cantini

  • Tuesday, August 12th

Bortigiadas, Chiesa della Santissima Trinitŕ - 11:00
"Sonata di Mare"2007-2013 European Operational Programme "Italy – Maritime France":
"Voce di vento" > BargaJazz Ensemble feat. Marco Tamburini - Gruppo Vocale A Cumpagnia

Sant'Antonio di Gallura, Lu Naracu - 18:00
Omar Sosa piano solo

Berchidda, Piazza del Popolo - 21.30
Mulatu Astatke

Berchidda, Centro Laber - 23:00
Seven Steps
Group of students with scholarship - 2013 Nuoro Jazz Seminars

  • Wednesday, August 13th

Telti, Chiesa di Santa Vittoria - 11:00
Marco Tamburini "Three Lower Colours"

Tempio Pausania, Chiesa di San Pietro - 18:00
Luca Aquino & Carmine Ioanna > aQustico

Berchidda, Piazza del Popolo - 21.30
Paolo Fresu, Steven Bernstein, Gianluca Petrella & Marcus Rojas > Brass Bang!

Berchidda, Piazza del Popolo - 23:00
Omar Sosa & Urban Tap, featuring Tamango, Jean "Naj" de Boysson, Gustavo Ovalles;
Luigi Lai e Associazione folkloristica e culturale "San Gemiliano" di Sestu

  • Thursday, August 14th

Ozieri, Cattedrale - 11:00
Andy Emler & Laurent Dehors > "Musique hors normes"

Tula, Chiesa di San Pietro - 18:00
Monica Demuru & Natalio Mangalavite > "Podology"

Berchidda, Piazza del Popolo - 21.30
Dave Holland trio, featuring Kevin Eubanks and Eric Harland

Berchidda, Parco della Musica - 24:00
Banda Musicale "Bernardo De Muro" di Berchidda, feat. Paolo Fresu & Gianluca Petrella

  • Friday, August 15th

Berchidda, Chiesa di Santa Caterina - 11:00
Conference on the themes of the festival
Followed by:
Paolo Fresu, Steven Bernstein, Gianluca Petrella & Marcus Rojas > Brass Bang!

Berchidda, Chiesa di San Michele - 13:30
Berchidda-style lunch

Berchidda, Chiesa di San Michele - 18:00
Daniele Giallara, Carlo Boeddu, Gianmichele Lai, Fabio Calzia >
Canto a chitarra, accompanied by accordion

Curated by Fabio Calzia
Original production by Time in Jazz International Festival

Berchidda, Piazza del Popolo - 21.30
Servillo Girotto Mangalavite trio > "Futbol"

Berchidda, Piazza del Popolo - 23:00
Final event with Fanfare Tirana meets Transglobal Underground feat. Brass Bang!+ special events


  • Saturday, August 16th

Berchidda, Museo del Vino - 18:00
"Kind of Blue"> Book presentation by Ashley Kahn

Berchidda, Museo del Vino - 19:00
Presentation of the Time in Jazz collection bottle


  • Daily

Berchidda, Centro Laber
PAV - Progetto Arti Visive
Exhibitions - Performance - Events curated by Giannella Demuro and Antonello Fresu

Berchidda, saveral locations
The Green Jazz initiatives
stall, laboratories, environmental awareness initiative

August 11th-15th Berchidda, Nuovo Cinema - 16:00

Film festival
curated by Gianfranco Cabiddu

August 12th-14th - Berchidda, travelling and fixed locations - 19:45
Fanfara Tirana (marching brass band)

August 13th-15th - Berchidda, Centro Laber - 01:00

"Time out"> After concert party with live music

August 12th - Alessio Bertallot dj set
August 13th - Winner of Time OUT 1
August 14th - Winner of Time OUT 2
August 15th - Winner of Time OUT 3

August 13th-14th - Berchidda - 12:00
"Wine Book" - Presentation/happy hour of new books

August 13th, Bar K2 > "Alberi erranti e naufraghi", by Alberto Capitta - in collaboration with Il Maestrale publishing house

August 14th, Bar Centrale > "Rossoblů giorno per giorno. Protagonisti e comparse del Cagliari Calcio", by Boris Carta - in collaboration with Aipsa publishing house




 International Festival

Time in Sassari

VIII edition

an extension of the XXVII Time in Jazz festival

Sassari, Osilo, Cheremule

17-18 August 2014

under the artistic direction of  Paolo Fresu



  • Sunday, August 17th

Cheremule, Museddu - 18:00
Stefano D'Anna Group

Sassari, Piazza Tola - 21.30
Servillo Girotto Mangalavite trio > "Fůtbol"

  • Monday, August 18th

Osilo, Castello dei Malaspina - 18:00
Gianluca Petrella & Steven Bernstein

Sassari, Piazza Tola - 21.30
Javier Girotto & Fabrizio Bosso Sestetto > "Latin Mood"